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Staff Fundraising Tools

In order to support the successful solicitation of external grants from corporate, foundation and government sources by MICA faculty and staff, MICA's Offices of Research and Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations, with support from the President and the Office of the Provost, are implementing the following external fundraising guidelines.

Successful implementation of these guidelines will help to ensure that:

  •  MICA has a coordinated approach requiring internal approvals needed to support a proposed project before funding is requested.
  •  The College is building effective, long-term relationships with corporate, foundation, and government funding entities that will lead to continued support in the future.

These guidelines explain the process-from vetting your idea to drafting your proposal and managing your grant-and provide several tools for your use, including step-by-step guides to assist you through the proposal development and grant award processes, and interactive forms that are required at different stages of the proposal development and submission process.

The proposal development and approval process can take several months. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the appropriate Office as soon as they have an idea for which they would like to pursue external support. A minimum of six months lead time is recommended. One year in advance is not too soon!

Please note: MICA's Office of Research and Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations will not consider external funding opportunities under $5,000. For funding requests under $5,000, please see your Department/Division head to explore internal funding options.