Office of Strategic Communications

The Office of Strategic Communications is made up of a team of storytellers whose purpose is to help share the very best of MICA.

For members of the internal MICA community, please visit our Communications Toolkit, which we've built as a collection of DIY templates, guidelines, logos and resources  — like checklists to help promote your events. This toolkit allows you to work more efficiently while maintaining the strength and consistency of MICA's brand. 

Submit a Creative Request

This form is intended to help you communicate the basic details about your event, project, or story idea so our office can begin a conversation and determine the most impactful channels.

Requests can range from promotional needs (such as social media, print and web publications, and media relations) to creative services (such as updating content or adding pages on; design for branding or logos; creating social media assets; assistance with livestreaming or video production; basic copywriting or editing) and more.

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Office of Strategic Communications


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