On-Campus Housing

Work Order Request

Committed to creating and maintaining a positive and functional environment for the MICA community, the department of Facilities Management has a work order system in place to allow for more efficient processing of service requests as well as timely communication regarding them.

eMaint is monitored by the Facilities Management Coordinator, and requests are then filtered to the appropriate team member for service completion. In the event of an emergency requests may be made by phone to the Facilities Coordinator at 410-225-2317.

Please note that standard Facilities Management business hours are 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. If you have an emergency outside of these hours, please call Campus Safety at 410-225-2245 or 410-225-3333.

However, for all other service requests, please contact eMaint.

Please sign-in to eMaint with your MICA email address and password. After your login is successful, please click on the service request button at the top of the page. To make sure there is no delay in processing your request, please make sure the below information included in your request: 

  • The name, contact phone number, email and location of the requester
  • The specific location of the work being requested, including the building name or address, floor, room number, and other specific location (such as stairwell or corridor)
  • A detailed description of what is needed, as in the nature and scope of work requested

The status of all open work orders can be checked online through eMaint or by calling the Facilities Coordinator at 410-225-2317.

Service Request Designations

Priority No. 1: Emergency

Emergencies (situations that pose an immediate threat to personal health and safety or threaten major damage to buildings, equipment or other property) are given precedence over all other requests. Examples of issues classified as Emergencies include:

  • Smoke or natural gas smells
  • Hazardous material spills
  • Loss of water in residence halls, townhomes, or cafeterias
  • Flooding or water leaks
  • Exposed live electrical wires
  • Compromised building security
  • Shattered windows
  • Clogged drains, toilets, sinks or showers
  • Fire or smoke damage

Priority No. 2: Same-Day Service/Essential Support

Same-Day Service or Essential Support (a failure that impairs a system or component but does not render it inoperative) will typically be completed within twenty-four hours. Examples of issues classified as such include conditions that:

  • Impair the use of a facility
  • Pose a potential threat of personal injury
  • Cause equipment damage if not addressed
  • Will cause a loss of research or work product
  • Cause a serious disruption of campus operations

Priority No. 3: Standard Ten-Day Service

Standard Ten-Day Service Requests (items that are to be completed within ten business days) are considered higher priority routine work. All routine work is scheduled based upon the availability of the technicians as well as the materials involved. Examples of issues classified as Standard Ten-Day Service include:

  • Painting
  • Key requests
  • Alterations or additions required for functions
  • Reorganizations (new offices, office moves, et cetera)
  • Moving objects from one location to another
  • Event set-ups
  • Repairs