Hurwitz Center

Art, Environment & Urban Landscape

Community artist Iandry Randriamandroso (MFACA 2009) designs and paints five murals of native Baltimore birds along the York Road corridor.

Community stakeholders, including York Road Partnership, Govanstowne Business Association, Loyola York Road Initiative have chosen local birds living in the Govans forest patches and its surrounding environment to be the subjects of the murals due to their universality, inclusiveness, and connection to the local environment.

Birds play an important role in maintaining balances in our ecosystem and add enjoyments to our lives with their beauty- both in plumage colors and distinct songs. In an ever-changing urban landscape, they represent adaptation, resilience and continuation of life. When changes occur in a neighborhood, it will change the dynamic make-up of the population- new inhabitants come; some leave; some stay and adapt with the new changes. Eventually, they represent our neighbors and us.

Iandry Randriamandroso is a Muralist and a Graphic and Community Artist. He specializes in graphic and mixed media artmaking that focuses on environmental and social subjects. He received his BFA from St. John's University (Queens, NY) in 2004 and MA in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009. His goal is to create art that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. He uses his artwork as an educational tool for facilitating inclusive, hands-on presentations, community arts workshops, art classes and mural projects in public and private venues around the US.