Patricia Natalie '17

Design Coordinator, Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women

Patricia is most passionate about body image, seeing it as a huge social issue as 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies in some way. Utilizing her years of research experience as a Psychobiology graduate from UCLA focusing on food psychology and eating disorders, she aims to educate people about the biological, psychological, and social aspects of this issue.

Patricia plans to do this through design due to its ability to make complex science more accessible and digestible for the public. She has served as a graphic designer for Recovery Warriors, Body Image Movement, Cornell Food and Brand Lab, UCSD Eating Disorder for Treatment and Research, and USNC for UN Women.

Enraged by the media’s portrayal of unattainable standards of beauty which contributes to this global epidemic of body dissatisfaction, Patricia aspires to eventually influence the advertising industry by creating socially responsible designs that encourage body positivity.