Molly Reddy '17

Design Thinking & Service Designer, Customer Experience, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen

Molly Reddy was born in Waukesha, WI, and went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She received a BS in Community & Nonprofit Leadership, as well as a degree in Latin American Studies.

Prior to MICA, Molly has worked on a social entrepreneurship project in Curitiba, Brazil; at a youth workforce development program in Milwaukee, WI; and for an international development firm in Washington, DC. She also spent 3 years living in Paraguay as a Peace Corps volunteer and then as a consultant to the National Planning Ministry. In Paraguay she managed national youth leadership and creativity initiatives, and also worked on the launch of Arovia, Paraguay’s first national volunteer service program.

Her interests include human-centered design, co-creation, community and youth development, service delivery, and line dancing. Molly is a StartingBloc Fellow, a member of the International Development Innovation Network, and the VP of Program Strategy on the board of Zero Violencia.

Thesis: How might we reimagine short-term jobs to create long-term career pathways for youth?