Jayne Chartrand '17

UX/UI and Graphic Designer at Holabird Sports

Jayne graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Studio Art and a concentration in Graphic Design, as well as a degree in History. As an undergraduate, she worked alongside students at Augusta Fells Savage Institute for Visual Arts who were directly impacted by the Baltimore Uprisings. Maryland and Augusta Fells students worked together to create an exhibit at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum that addresses the one-sided media portrayal of the events, and discusses the realities of the students’ lives from their perspective. Determined to combine her passion for social science and design, Jayne applied to the MASD program at MICA immediately after graduating from Maryland. She aims to use her illustrations and graphic design skills to support social causes and to use design thinking to create positive social change.

Thesis: How might we work together to confront waste management inequality across neighborhood boundaries?