Irina Wong '17

Senior Human Factors Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC.

Irina Wong is passionate about design elegance, ethics, the triple bottom line, cognition, sociology, and the sense of community and belonging. She strives to work at the juncture of all those domains at MICA.

Prior to her graduate studies, Irina's career focused on the field of built environments. Her experience in both the design and technological facets of architecture and structural engineering helped shape her passion for investigating the nature of design collaboration between people and technology. Meanwhile, a research grant led her to study the larger social impacts of our built environment. These topics include the role of philanthropy within design and the myriad of influences designers exert on our society. This ignited her pursuit to examine these concepts at MICA.

In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, dancing, and volunteering as a counselor for the Crisis Text Line.

Thesis: How might we make “corporate social responsibility” a corporate social responsibility?