Devika Menon '17

Service Designer, City of Philadelphia

Devika is a Visual Communication Designer from India. After graduating in Animation Film Design she moved to the colorful, chaotic city of Mumbai to work on a varied number of projects ranging from animation, film, print, websites, apps and brands. However, after working the field for a few years she felt the need to broaden her understanding of design and work on projects that had a larger impact. This what drew her to the MA in Social Design program at MICA.

She believes that a designer’s role should extend beyond making things look pretty and that design, in whatever form, should be fluid and lend itself to any discipline, subject or problem. With a blend of curiosity, understanding of cultural diversity and a keen desire to explore design-led innovation in society, Devika is excited to begin her journey.

Thesis: How might we connect resources to social entrepreneurs outside the privileged inner circle?