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The Office of Strategic Communications has developed a social media policy to help contributors like you, use social media platforms appropriately when managing or developing social media accounts and initiatives on behalf of the College. We expect everyone participating in social media on behalf of the College to follow these policies. We also recognize and welcome feedback, as these policies will continue to evolve as our institution and social media evolves.

It is our goal to ensure that MICAs social media presence is not only on brand, but that we are providing you with the tools, resources, and guidelines to elevate your program and/or department's goals

By filling out this form I understand that I must adhere to MICA's Social Media Policies, all MICA's Institutional Wide Policies (which can be viewed here), and MICA's Social Media Resources (which can be viewed here ) before establishing a MICA Affiliate social media account.  

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By filling out this section, I hereby adhere to MICA's Social Media Policy, to become a MICA social media affiliated channel.