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Environmental Health & Safety

The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) considers no aspect of its operations more important than the safety and health protection of its students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors.

We will insist on providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and the use of safe work methods and practices at all times.

We will work diligently to eliminate any risks of injury and any exposure to hazards, maintain safe and healthful working conditions, develop and adhere to proper operating practices and procedures designed to prevent injury and illness, and observe federal, state, local and campus safety and health regulations.

Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone at MICA. We must all remain cognizant of safety and health concerns and set good examples by always being aware of and observing applicable guidelines and procedures as a part of our normal daily routine. Support for campus-wide safety and health must be apparent from all of the MICA leadership. It is expected that everyone will work to identify and correct hazards and exposures.

All students, faculty, and staff are expected to report unsafe conditions and/or situations, know and follow safe working practices including obeying applicable guidelines and regulations, and will work in a way that promotes the safety and health standards developed and sanctioned by the college.

We urge all members of the MICA community to make our safety and health program an integral part of their daily operations. Only then will the reduction of risks, exposures, accidents, and injuries become not just an objective, but a part of our culture.

To request an ergonomic assessment of your office workspace please contact the Environmental Health & Safety Technician, Samantha Brodowski on her cell 443-827-2691 or by email at