Social Media Policy

Policy Objective, Getting Started / Validation Process

The social media policy objective is to ensure the consistency, quality, equity, and appropriateness of all content being shared across MICA’s officially recognized social media channels as well as provide the framework and processes to ensure those channels are maintained properly and managed sustainably.  

Getting Started / Validation Process

You’ve established that a MICA affiliated account is the next step. Next, it is important that you submit MICA’s Social Media Affiliate Account form to complete the validation process. Should you have any questions about the process or the form itself, reach out to the Office of Strategic Communications at 

Do not develop social media accounts, profiles or initiatives containing MICA’s name without prior approval from MICA’s Office of Strategic Communications. Social media accounts, profiles and initiatives from departments must include administrator access with the Office of Strategic Communications, Social Media team.

Furthermore, the validation process will require you to establish:

  • The purpose of your MICA affiliate account
  • The goals you have for your MICA affiliate account
  • Your intended content disposition for your MICA affiliate account
  • Who will be the personnel managing the MICA affiliate account
  • What is your established succession plan for the MICA affiliate account

Failure to contact MICA’s Office of Strategic Communications prior to establishing may result in further investigation and/or potentially the removal of the social media account. The Communications team will make reasonable attempts to establish corrective action prior to removal of the account.

Once you have completed the validation process and your account is active, please email the Office of Strategic Communications at to add the account to our MICA Affiliate Social Accounts Directory.