Additional Policies

Policy on Vapor Delivery Devices

(Including e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, mods, etc.)

The Food and Drug Administration has stated that there are many unknowns regarding vapor delivery devices (VDDs). They do not know if the vapor is harmful to the user or if secondhand vapor is harmful. They do not know if there is a benefit to using VDDs versus smoking conventional cigarettes.

According to the Mayo clinic, "the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has questioned the safety of these products. When the FDA analyzed samples of two popular brands, they found variable amounts of nicotine and traces of toxic chemicals, including known cancer-causing substances (carcinogens). This prompted the FDA to issue a warning about potential health risks associated with electronic cigarettes."

Even though the health data regarding VDDs is still in discussion, the substances and odor of the vapor may be harmful or an irritant, therefore interior location for the use of VDDs will mirror that of the MICA cigarette policy.

The use of VDDs is prohibited in all interior spaces on campus (i.e. hallways, restrooms, lobbies). It is also specifically prohibited in classrooms, studios, labs, auditoriums, performance spaces, meeting spaces, food service locations and galleries.

  • The use of VDDs is also prohibited in Administrative offices and other workspaces.
  • VDD use is prohibited in college owned housing except at designated smoking areas.
  • VDDs may be used in all exterior locations where smoking is allowed.
  • Please note the use of VDDs for any illegal drugs is prohibited by local, state and federal law.

As many of the policies, guidelines and procedures at the College are designed to support a creative community living, learning and working in harmony, it is up to all members of the community to help address violations of our community standards.

Community members should consider directly and thoughtfully addressing violations with those involved. If the situation is not resolved through discussion or if community members are uncomfortable with talking directly, we encourage members of the community to report problematic behaviors to Campus Safety or the staff in Residence Life/Student Affairs.