Additional Policies

Bulletin Boards and Campus Posting

Bulletin Boards and Building Entrance Easels are an integral part of the College's communication system. There are three types of Bulletin Boards: (1) Campus News Bulletin Boards and Easels, (2) Departmental Bulletin Boards, and (3) MICA Community Bulletin Boards.

Description of Posting Policy

Every Monday and Wednesday, the Center for Student Engagement distributes flyers and posters. Posters and flyers must be submitted by 5:00 pm the business day before to be hung the next posting day. Posters will be displayed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on their submission date. For posters to be posted, you must file a Poster Form with the CSE Office Assistant. If you want flyers to be posted in Lazarus, you must let the Office Assistant know. For posting on the Meyerhoff Screen, you must submit an Event and Equipment Request Form, which can also be found in the sidebar.

Please be aware that postings are not allowed on campus building doors, walls, floors, windows, or on exterior furniture, signs, trees, and poles. Any postings placed in those locations will be removed. Similarly, if there is no official CSE stamp on the poster, it will be removed. If the postings are related to an academic class installation, an "Installation in Public Spaces" form must be submitted to the Office of Events (Bunting 350).

MICA, as an institution, does not promote or allow events that focus on the consumption of alcohol, including events that advertise alcohol of any kind including but not limited to ladies' nights, pub crawls, or all-you-can-drink specials. Posters or flyers that contain images or language that might be considered inappropriate to some audiences may be limited to certain locations at the discretion of the Center for Student Engagement.

Campus News Bulletin Boards and Easels

Campus News Bulletin Boards and Easels are managed by the Center for Student Engagement (CSE) and are for the promotion of MICA events & announcements. Campus news Bulletin Boards are all over campus and can be easily identified. Please be advised that all posting policies must be followed. MICA events must be affiliated with a MICA department/office/student organization and must be open to all MICA students, faculty, and staff. 

Additional bulletin board guidelines

Departmental Bulletin Boards

Departmental Bulletin Boards are located adjacent to academic departments and are for departmental announcements, office notes, public relations press releases, articles from newspapers and magazines, etc. They are maintained by that department. Any questions regarding the use of these bulletin boards should be directed to individual departments.

MICA Community Bulletin Boards

Postings only by members of the MICA community for general information, e.g. apartments for rent, items for sale, non-MICA events, off-campus events, and announcements.

  • The Community Bulletin Board is near the stairwell on the 1st floor of the Bunting Center and the 1st floor of the Lazarus Building between the elevator and restroom.
  • Postings do not need to be approved by the Center for Student Engagement.

Additional Community posting locations

Additional Bulletin Board Posting Policies

Flyer dimensions must be 8.5' x 11' or smaller.

Flyers may only be posted on "Campus News" bulletin boards. Posting flyers on easels is not appropriate and will be removed.

Only one copy of a flyer may be posted per board.

Only tacks, staples, and blue tape can be used on bulletin boards. Scotch, masking, duct tape, nails, glue, staple guns, or any other adhesive may not be used.

The Center for Student Engagement can post up to 25 copies of a flyer, provided they are submitted no later than 5:00 pm to be posted the next-day.

Additional Easels Posting Policies

Posters must be at least 11' x 17' but no larger than 18' x 24'.

There is a maximum of two easels per building, with a maximum of 3 posters to be displayed campus-wide.

Only 1 poster per building.

Easels can accommodate up to 3 posters at a time and will be displayed on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on their submission date.

No flyers can be posted on easels or any part of an easel.

You must receive pre-approval with CSE if you have a poster that is an unconventional shape.

Questions? Contact:

Center for Student Engagement


Meyerhoff House 140 W Lafayette Ave 100 Baltimore, MD 21217

Office of Events


Bunting Center 1401 W Mount Royal Ave B350 Baltimore, MD 21217