Academic Policies


BFA, MFA, or MA students in good academic standing who are returning from an leave of absence may file an application for readmittance and submit it to the Office of Enrollment Services. Priority application deadlines are December 1st for spring readmittance, April 1st for summer readmittance and July 15th for fall readmittance. Students who are academically dismissed from MICA must also submit a written appeal which outlines the steps they will take to ensure academic success. In order to be accepted for readmittance, students must have no outstanding financial obligations to the College and must be current on all student loans. Undergraduates who have attended another institution since their last enrollment must submit official transcripts along with their application. Students applying to return after an absence of more than three years will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of the year in which they are readmitted.

Graduate applications for readmittance are considered on an individual basis and are based on academic standing and performance as well as space in the designated program. If the student has a lapse in attendance in a graduate program of two years or more, the graduate director may impose additional requirements to ensure the student is current in the field.

MPS or MA/MBA students petitioning to return from a leave of absence, withdrawal, or following academic dismissal must also be in good academic standing and should work with their student success coach to complete the readmittance form. If unsure who the student success coach is, contact MPS students may be readmitted in sequence with any of the next cohorts within two calendar years