Academic Policies

Grade Appeal

Students who receive a grade that they are convinced does not reflect their accomplishments may appeal that grade. Students understand that the College will consider the instructor in the classroom the best judge of a student's performance and that the burden of proof lies completely with the appealing student. They should also be aware that a grade may be lowered as a result of the appeal process. For the MICA courses in the MA/MBA program or the MPS,CE and PP programs through Open Studies: Grades of B or better are not eligible for a grade appeal, and the appeal process will apply only to a grade of B- or lower. If, understanding these facts, a student wishes to appeal a grade, the process is as follows:

1. Within four weeks of the grade's posting, the student must request in writing an appointment with the instructor to discuss the grade, sending a copy of this letter to their Academic Advisor or Program Director to be placed in the student's file.

2a. If, after the meeting with the instructor, the student still wishes to pursue the appeal, the student must meet with the department chairperson or program director of the course in question. At this time, the student will need to present appropriate evidence from the course (a portfolio, exams, etc.) and a detailed explanation of why the appeal is being made. The chairperson or director will also meet with the relevant instructor in order to determine any other circumstances that may be reflected in the student's grade (attendance, class participation, etc.). The chairperson or director may facilitate a meeting between the instructor and the student, and has the authority to determine if a grade change is warranted. The chairperson or director will notify Enrollment Services of any grade change.

2b. If, by the beginning of the next semester, the instructor has not responded to the student's request to discuss the grade, the student may make the appeal directly to the department chair or program director and proceed as described in step 2a.

3. If the instructor of the class is also the department chairperson or program director, the student may bring the appeal to the Office of Undergraduate Studies (for undergraduate students) Graduate Studies (for graduate or post-baccalaureate students) or Open Studies (for the MPS, CE and PP students, and for the MICA courses in the dual MA/MBA program) by submitting a written request with a detailed explanation for the appeal. The appropriate dean will interview relevant faculty and the instructor/director separately, and possibly facilitate a meeting with both parties or convene a panel of faculty. The dean holds the authority to confirm or revise the posted grade. Appeals are considered and acted upon during the semester following that in which the contested grade was received. The determination by the dean is final.