Academic Policies

Declaring & Changing Majors

Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in major exploration activities throughout their first year in order to prepare them to declare a major prior to their sophomore year. Majors are usually confirmed by March 1st, prior to their registration for the fall term. Students may remain undeclared until the second semester of their sophomore year, however, doing so may extend the date of their graduation.

Upper-level students who wish to change their major must get written approval from the department Chairperson in the new major. In order to ensure enough time to record the new major and generate a degree plan, students must submit a Change of Major form at least two weeks prior to the next registration period.

Double Majors

In order to declare a double major, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater at the time of declaration. Students who select a double major must fulfill the requirements for both majors; students with a double major earn one BFA degree.

A maximum of 18.00 credits may be used to fulfill core degree requirements for both majors. Beyond these 18.00 credits, all courses that fulfill specific core requirements for one major may only count as studio electives for the other. If a course is required for both majors, it is to be included as part of the 18.00 credits that may be "cross counted". In addition, students must complete two full years of Senior Thesis work including exhibition. This means that the senior thesis for one major must be completed, presumably within the fourth year, prior to beginning the senior thesis work for the second major (in the fifth year).