Academic Policies

Appeal of Academic Dismissal

Students who have been academically dismissed will be notified in writing by Enrollment Services, Graduate Studies or Open Studies, and will have the opportunity to appeal to within a period of time set forth in the dismissal notification. The appeal must be in writing and should include an explanation of the student's poor academic performance and reasons the dismissal should be reconsidered. Appeals will be reviewed and final determination made by an academic review board or other designated college officials.

If dismissal is waived, the student may be allowed to continue enrollment, possibly on academic probation. Other conditions may be required such as a change in course load or required advising. Graduate students may be reinstated on a conditional basis with a contract of requirements and further review.

If the dismissal is upheld, the student may petition to return after a minimum of one semester (four months for MPS students). Potential readmission may be considered at a later date in accordance with the readmission policy. Students should contact the offices of Enrollment Services, Graduate Studies or Open Studies for more information and guidance. Undergraduates may be required to successfully complete coursework at another college.