Baltimore + Graduate Students

What's Close to MICA?

Like most east coast cities, Baltimore is a collection of dozens of smaller neighborhoods.

As you begin to explore the city, we always recommend starting with Live Baltimore’s Neighborhood Guide to get a sense of geography. MICA, including graduate housing for both full-time and low-residency graduate students, is located in Bolton Hill. Charles North (better known as Station North) is home to the Fred Lazarus IV Center for Graduate Studies, Film Centre, and a flurry of recent, independently-driven arts, music, theater, and food activity. Mount Vernon is one of the most popular areas for MICA students to live off-campus. Graduate students live, work and exhibit all over the city, but these neighborhoods are the triangle around MICA’s campus.

Some great places or groups to explore:

Annex Theater

Baltimore Rock Opera Society

The Contemporary

The Charles Theater

ICA Baltimore

Metro Gallery

Mercury Theater

StillPointe Theater

The Crown

Yellow Sign Theater

National Great Blacks in Wax Museum