Students can find off-campus exhibition space, participate in alternative theater projects, see local acts that have national recognition, and invent new ways to contribute.

Artist-Run Exhibition Venues:

Independence, Support, Community, Progress

Although MICA has absolutely everything you need to make anything you want to, Baltimore as a city is experiencing a profound renaissance of art, design, music, and activist culture—and they are all fundamentally linked in a way that is unique. Most organizations are founded by young artists and designers seeking to both satisfy an urge to create, but also an urge to unify and build community. Organizations are founded around needs: exhibition space, maker space, community space, and co-working space. At their core, they are all investigating new, progressive ways for artists and designers to be functional, expressive, relevant and active.

Organizations that support making/art activism:

Open Works

Impact Hub

Node: Makerspace for Hackers

The Compound

Red Emma’s (Free School)

Station North Tool Library

Fab Lab Baltimore


Baltimore Print Studios

Organizations that support community:

Maryland Art Place

Creative Alliance

Motor House

Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts

MICA-supported initiatives:


North Avenue Knowledge Exchange

Center for Social Design

City-supported arts festivals:

Light City


Akimbo Dance & Movement Festival

Maryland Film Festival