Zewen Liu

Snake goddess 2020 Stone Clay, 3D Printing, Resin, Epoxy Resin 12x11x24 Inches
Snake goddess detail 2020
Snake goddess detail 02 2020
The God of War 2020 Oil Based Clay, Tin, Iron, Stone 12x11x24 Inches
The God of War Detail 2020
Dream Tapir 2020 3D Printing PLA 5x3.5x6.5 Inches
Dream Tapir Detail 2020

My theme is about myths and fantasies, making creatures and humans.

Creating my own myths allows me to understand and explore nature and culture, while the core of my work expresses different powers and energies.

I pay attention to craftsmanship, details, and traditional technique. In addition, I use 3D technology to make digital models.

Rinehart School of Sculpture (MFA) Students