Rinehart School of Sculpture (MFA)

Last semester, we, the Rinehart graduate students, worked independently in our home studios around the globe. We created work to express our isolated selves in a virtual environment. Together our work represents the emotions of these times in physical form, carefully designed with aesthetic, technical, and symbolic aspects. Through our virtual connection, we explored our perspectives on our current reality.

Access our individual series of works from the names underneath the images or the name list at the bottom of the page.

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Altar Detail 2020
A detail of Bonita, Raw porcelain clay is used to create natural and whimsical flowers. A bubble wrap mold was used to create a foundation to support the hand made flowers.The sculpture is located in an opening that is decaying in an oak tree. The sculptu + Enlarge
Bonita Detail 2020
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Foothold 2020 Poplar, aluminum, cord, hardware 16 x 9 x 21 inches
Painted bed frame and boxes topped with trash from the artist's consumption which is lackadaisically corralled with plastic netting reminiscent of a large fish net. Installation lived in Jones Falls stream tunnel laced in graffiti.  + Enlarge
Bed 2020 2020 Bed frame, Cardboard boxes, plastic netting, recyclable trash, acrylic paint. 84” x 65” x 47”
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Snake goddess detail 2020
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Concentric 2020 Plywood, Blue tape, Newspaper, Drywall joint compound, White Glue, Paper Mache Clay 3’6”×3’6”×3’2”
Rinehart School of Sculpture (MFA) Students