Summer Postcard Project

Organized by the MICA Office of Undergraduate Admission and the Orientation Committee, the Postcard Project is an invitational exhibition for the incoming fall class at Maryland Institute College of Art. Over the summer, students were given five prompts to choose from, to inspire a postcard image. This year students responded to the following prompts:

  • Invent a mascot for MICA.
  • Dadaist Collage: Found Paper. Use scraps of magazines, newspapers, candy wrappers, movie tickets, sandpaper (the list is endless) to create your composition.
  • Meme Yourselfie: Create a self-portrait that is meme-worthy.
  • Vacation Postcard from a real or imagined place. Show us where you would like to spend the summer.
  • Show us the social or political change that you're fighting for.

Please join us in welcoming the newest members of the MICA community with this exciting exhibition!

Summer Postcard Project
Fawn Crossing 2020 digital
Belle's Blooms 2020 Digital art, procreate on ipad
What Can We Do Next Saturday? 2020
Mountain Color Pencil
Postcard from the Moon 2020
The MICA Echidna 2020 photoshop cc
untitled 2020
Postcard of the Chureito Pagoda 2020 Digital art
Miki (MICA’s Mascot Cat) 2020 Markers, Brush pens, and Ink pens
Visit Your Local Waste Water Drainage Pipe! 2020 Colored Ink
Dream Vacation 2020 adobe illustrator
Red Stone Canyon 2020 Acrylic
Rest by the Beach 2020 procreate with ipad pro and apple pencil
untitled 2020
untitled 2020
MICA Monsters 2020 procreate
untitled 2020
untitled 2020 Digital Collage
Gorgeous 2020 Gorgeous
Greetings from () 2020 scrap fabric, cut magazine/packaging/letters/dried flowers/beads
First Leap 2020 Procreate
untitled 2020
No Title 2020 Acrylic paint
The MICA Monarchs 2020 Copic Marker, Colored Pencil, lining Pens
Protector of the Youth 2020 Photoshop
Feline Forest 2020 Pens and markers
Feminine 2020
Rat Mascot 2020 Vector
Sauron's Backyard 2020
MICA Mascot 2020
Is that WHAT you came up with? 2020
Donut Belly 2020
my favorite beach 2020
Beach Sunset 2020
Crackers the Blue Point Crab 2020 Digital
Untitled 2020
untitled 2020
780.9 2020 Paper, magazine collage
MICA Cats 2020 Digital Drawing
Uniqueness 2020
untitled 1 2020
untitled 2 2020
BLM 2020 digital photograph
los peces de paz 2020 procreate
Welcome! 2020 digital
GO DRAGONS 2020 digital
Go Town 2020 Mixed Media
Mask 2020 2020 Acrylic paint, plastic, mask
untitled 1 2020
untitled 2 2020 acrylic and oil
teach your kids 2020 acrylic and paper collage on mat board
Gardens 2020 Procreate App
MICA's Mascot: The Eternal Bird 2020
untitled 2020 image collage digitally
Say "hi" when it's over 2020 pens and sketch markers
untitled 2020
I imagined that I‘m in a resort, which is fulling of cute dogs. 2020 procreate
Working Condition 2020 collage
The Persistent Pandas 2020 Digital (procreate)
Postcard from Dream Bay 2020 Medibang
In the Seam 2020
Yeah, I’ll Draw It! 2020 Digital (Medibang Paint)
From Memory 2020
Hart 2020 Digital, clip studio paint
Untitled 2020
Lockdown Nutshell 2020
Untitled 2020
The Changes Start With You 2020
Untitled 2020
2050 2020
The Rhythm of Noon and Night 2020 Paper cutting, white and black paper
Greetings from Madison's Kitchen (Madison by the Kitchen Window) 2020
Untitled 2020
Untitled 2020
Vacation Postcard: Rapture 2020
inverted postcard 2020
Welcome to the Wasteland 2020
Cloud Nine 2020
Crisfield, MD 2020
M | I | C / A's Mascot 2020
Greetings from SweetMeat Kingdom 2020 Digital Art
Materials for the Acceptance of Queer Youth I 2020 colored pencil and ballpoint pen on toned tan paper
Untitled 2020
Stinky 2020
Family Crest 2020 Mixed media collage
Untitled 2020
please just visit my website: 2020 website
Peaceful Maresias 2020 Adobe Photoshop
Home Sweet Home 2020 Digital
Fighting for all black lives 2020
Greetings from New Dawn 2020 Digital painting
Boats on the Lake 2020 Colored pencil and gouche
Eyes see goodness 2020
Neon City Tokyo 2020 Digital
The Flower of the Evil 2020
Untitled 2020
Untitled 2020
Welcome to Zecoxir Castel 2020
2020 Summer Vibes 2020
Chaotic Bliss 2020
MICrab 2020 Blender/Photoshop
Amusement Park 2020 Colored pencil, chalk pastel, oil pastel, marker, acrylic paint and glitter glue
Place I should be in 2020
Untitled 2020
Do You Have Games On Your Phone? 2020
Postcard with a weird self-portrait 2020
Alaska 2020
Untitled 2020
Untitled 01 2020
A Dream with Lavendar and Black 2020
Untitled 2020
Where i Would Rather Be 2020 animated gif
Untitled 2020
Untitled 2020
End This All Now! 2020
Bored and Sleepless 2020 Digital
Untitled 2020
Greetings from Coolsville 2020 mixed media
Summer Postcard Project Students