Dec. 09

to WITNESS to EXPERIENCE to REFLECT: Exhibition Opening

December 9, 2022
5 PM – 8 PM
Gallery CA
440 E Oliver Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

to WITNESS to EXPERIENCE to REFLECT (2022) is a group exhibition that explores the visible and invisible layers of identity in order to process, synthesize and complicate narratives of race, power, representation, and belonging. The historical archive, oral history, lived experience and the body are rooted at the core of each of these narratives. This gathering of works is the culmination of the research, conversations, readings and experiences that have been conducted as part of The Baltimore Course: Blackness as a Portal. Within this offering of explorations, we analyze the structures that inform and problematize the complexities of Blackness, Whiteness, Latina/o/x. Curated by: Cheyene Adams Artists include: MJ Sanah Brown-Bowers Taj Poscé Sandy Cheng Lina Elmalik Ash Epps w Daniel Flores Estrella Mama Sallah Jenkins Marty Koelsch Katie Peck Inés Sanchez de Lozada Instructor: Vanessa López