May. 12

Product Design: Modern Innovations at MICA & Beyond

MICA's Product Design program capitalizes on the developing future visions of the industry. A hands-on curriculum provides deep knowledge of materials, processes, and design thinking to adapt to society's ever-changing needs and careers.

Learn how well-trained designers become capable of reimagining objects or systems—and inventing new ones—that will shape the future. This session will feature faculty & student work. This event is co-hosted by MICA's Office of Advancement.

Juan Noguera, Presenter
Modern Innovations @ MICA & Beyond

Juan Carlos Noguera is full-time faculty in MICA's Product Design Department, is an Industrial/Product Designer and holds a Masters of Industrial Design (MID) from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a Bachelors of Industrial Design (BID) from Universidad Rafael Landivar, in Guatemala City.

Juan was chosen as a Fulbright fellow (2013) by the U.S. Department of State. He went on to be the lead designer for Voxel8, helping create the world’s first 3D Electronics printer.

See more inventions by Juan Noguera on his website.