Dec. 03

POWER Speaker Series: Joyce J. Scott

December 3, 2019
8 PM – 9 PM
Fred Lazarus IV Center
131 W North Ave

Joyce J. Scott is a 2016 MacArthur Fellow, a Baltimore based jewelry maker, sculptor, installation artist, quiltmaker, printmaker, storyteller, and performer. In handmade works ranging from elaborate, over-sized neckpieces, to two- and three-dimensional figurative sculptures, to installations, she reveals stark representations of racism and sexism and the violence they engender. Scott upends conceptions of beadwork and jewelry as domestic or merely for adornment by creating exquisitely crafted objects as a potent platform for commentary on social and political injustices. Scott’s diverse and adventurous body of work blurs the boundaries between fine art and craft and challenges viewers to confront the darker aspects of human nature in scenes both contemporary and historical. She has exhibited, performed, and taught internationally.