Sep. 17

Opening Reception: Dance of a Quiet Boy by Jia Le Ling

September 17, 2021
5 PM – 7 PM
Meyerhoff House
140 W Lafayette Ave
Bird Dance, a performance by Jia Le Ling.

Join the Student Space Gallery program for the opening of Dance of a Quiet Boy by Jia Le Ling on September 17 in the Meyerhoff Piano Gallery. This exhibition will be on display from September 13 - October 8. Exhibition Statement: Dance of a Quiet Boy is a series of exploratory dance performances that shows how a quiet boy dabbles in this new and extroverted way of expressing himself. Completely not choreographed, these nascent performances capture the rawness of his movements as he taps into his subconscious memory of rituals he watched as a kid with his grandmother. These rituals come from the realm of Chinese Folk Religions that the quiet boy has repressed for a long time, thinking to himself that they are unnecessary superstitions. He now sees this religion as a crucial source to his repertoire of bodily movements that convey his emotions. These performances reflect his pursuit to find alternative ways to represent his inner self. This is a Student Space Gallery exhibition. For more information about the SSG program and how to apply for a solo-exhibition, please visit