Dec. 03

Lecture: Tehching Hsieh

December 3, 2019
4 PM
Fred Lazarus IV Center
131 W North Ave

Tehching Hsieh (born in Taiwan, lives in Brooklyn, New York) is internationally recognized for durational works started in the late 1970s, the ‘One Year Performances’ that took place inside and outside his studio in New York City. These extreme actions included endurance, constraints, and repetitions (such as punching a time clock every hour on the hour for one year), exploring the limits of the human body and mind. By making art and life simultaneous, Hsieh achieved one of the most radical approach- es in contemporary art.

In 2009, the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited a collection documenting his performance work. Hsieh has widely exhibited his work in North and South America, Asia and Europe. His recent exhibitions ‘Doing Time’ was presented by the Taiwan Pavilion at 57th Venice Art Biennale (2017), and his ‘One Year Performance 1980-1981’ was exhibited at Tate Modern, London (2017-2018). Hsieh is represented by Sean Kelly Gallery.