Dec. 05

Jonathan Square: Public Lecture

December 5, 2019
6 PM – 7:30 PM
Main Building
Room 110
1300 W Mount Royal Ave

In considering the way the enslaved understood themselves and their place in the world, historians often encounter a dearth of source material. Yet, the experience of enslaved Africans and their descendants is not wholly absent from the historical record. One entry point into the experience of the enslaved peoples is how they were forced or chose to dress and adorn themselves. Fashion was one of the few arenas in which slaves could possibly exert a modicum of control. Clothing—even supplied clothing—was open to manipulation and interpretation. This under-explored topic will be focus of Dr. Jonathan Michael Square's lecture. In particular, his talk will focus on the use of indigo and other natural dyes among enslaved peoples. Dr. Square is a writer and historian specializing in fashion and visual culture in the African Diaspora.