Nov. 11
Dec. 06

The Skin of a Human Body

November 11, 2019 – December 6, 2019
1601 W Mount Royal Ave

The solo exhibition The Skin of a Human Body by Joy Li will be on view from November 11th 2019 to December 6th 2019 in the Gateway gallery. In this body of work, Joy focuses on how the individual is constituted by subjecting themselves to social norms. We seek a sense of existence by being recognized by others, in conforming to a collective belief which offers a sense of security but also brings restrictions. We are human beings not because we have a human body but because we are livening in a society. In order to be apart of the society, we share some basic interpretation of the world and beliefs, However, this conformity can lock one into a particular kin of lifestyle. It turns the human body into a reflective mirror chamber. When we think about ourselves, we define ourselves by other peoples perceptions. We judge ourselves by the values other people have have given us for judging ourselves. Through Li’s collection, Li wanted to highlight and exaggerate the absurdity of this current social situation This is a student space gallery run exhibition, the center for student engagement provides an opportunity for students to show their work as a solo exhibition throughout the year in order to gain professional development on how to properly put together a solo show.