Nov. 07
Dec. 02

Texture Archives

November 7, 2022 – December 2, 2022
Decker Library
1401 W Mt Royal Ave

Texture Archives (2022) is collection of material samples that show the many possibilities of color, shape, texture and form-both old and new, natural and synthetic. Arranged by color, one can see the subtle or harsh differences between textures. Suggested and featured readings are provided by the Decker Library to emphasize and explore materials uses and histories. This collection is a brief sample of a larger collection that the Materials Library has located on the first floor of the Mt.Royal Station building, s102. The Materials Library serves as a campus wide resource for all students and MICA community members to encourage exploration and transformation of materials. It is a resource that showcases a wide range of materials that can be used in a variety of making processes from sculpture, fibers, ceramics, painting and anything else you can find a use for. Students can also submit their own material creations to be donated to the Materials Library. Please visit in-person or check out more information online at On display in the lower level of Decker Library, Raw/Refined (2022) showcases an exploration of natural pigments combined with wax by Flynn Leeb (Fiber 23’). Through multiple processes of pigment extraction, melted beeswax and trial and error, Flynn created a palette of naturally pigmented crayons and pastels. He recorded recipes and steps in the creation of these mark making tools and the colors that came from naturally derived pigments. Cooked down Cochineal insects, Turmeric, Indigo, and Madder Root are just some of the plants and insects used for color extraction.