Oct. 30
Dec. 10

Lillian Hoover -- Presence in Absence

October 30, 2021 – December 10, 2021
Goya Contemporary
3000 Chestnut Ave, Mill Centre 214

These paintings begin as encounters in landscapes, particularly those marked by geological “deep time.” They bear witness to human interventions in these landscapes, and to our interactions with the non-human world. Such interventions reify systems of control and speak to notions of access- expressly, to who has access to nature and natural resources. Portions of the picture plane seem to be torn away or excised, revealing flat passages of chromatic grays, blacks, and browns. These interruptions and barriers prevent the viewer from fully entering and navigating the space. Competing visual languages and surfaces reflect our experience of the land we inhabit, our interactions with what is considered "wild" and the varying degrees to which our encounters with nature are mediated. Given the rift between human and non-human worlds, how should we proceed and how might we live well within these disrupted spaces? Part meditation, part metaphor, part elegy, these landscapes explore the anxiety, despair, terror, and joy which characterize our shared precarity.