May. 17
May. 17

FRACTURED, an exhibition by FYE Forum Students

May 17, 2021 – May 17, 2024

FRACTURED is a 2021 freshman virtual exhibition and maze that features the artwork of  ten MICA FYE Forum students in partnership with Pigment Sauvage-Art and Residency. 

The exhibition presents the disparate interests of the individual students, both visually and conceptually. Though the works are produced independently, they come together in a virtual maze-like gallery, designed by the students, that reflect a kaleidoscope of personalities and perspectives. 

This results in a viewing experience that is chaotic, tumultuous and fractured.

Exhibiting artists: Carla Marin, Emily Leary, Jaidyn Barker, Jasper Hoffman, Kristin Rozylowicz, Mel Icarangal, Mia Bezos, Miki Sanchez and Ritchie Hatfield.