Hire From MICA

Why Hire From MICA

Campus Visits and Portfolio Reviews

MICA offers opportunities for businesses and professional artists and designers to visit the campus to learn more about MICA and to review student portfolios. Additionally, there are occasional opportunities for businesses to engage in the classroom through collaborative projects or participate in professional development programs. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact the Career Development Center at careerdevelopment@mica.edu.

Internship and Career Fair 

The Internship and Career Fair was a tremendous success, brings dozens of employers to MICA's campus as well as approximately 300 students and alumni. Visit the Internship and Career Fair page to learn more about previous fairs and how to participate.

Employment Opportunities with Your Organization

MICA consistently produces innovative problem-solvers with traditional skills that are balanced with discipline and technological ability. MICA graduates are highly sought-after and become leaders in the fields of art and design nationally and internationally. Many companies look to MICA for their recruitment needs. Some choose to bring on an intern for a full or part-time employment position once they graduate.

If you have an employment opportunity, we encourage you to post it to MICAnetwork.com, where current students and alumni from all fields and geographic locations may view it and apply.