Gateway Floor Plans

Gateway houses 215 upper-class students in 65 different apartments. All apartments are either three- or four-bedroom, complete with kitchen, living area, and bathroom. All bedrooms are one person. Many of the amenities standard in Meyerhoff and the Commons are present in Gateway, such as:

Full Kitchens

Every apartment will have a full kitchen complete with an apartment sized refrigerator, oven, range top, sink, and cabinetry. There is a built in spot for a microwave should the students bring one.

Lofted Extra-Long Twin Beds

The loft bed units will come complete with a built in wardrobe as well as a folding desktop than can be lifted out of the way when not in use. By using lofts, more of the floor space in the bedroom is available.

Homosote Walls

As in the rest of our on-campus housing, every bedroom and living room will have a designated homosote wall to be used as a space to hang, paint, charcoal or do whatever else is necessary as part of an artist's living experience.

Fully Furnished

In addition to the multi-use loft units in the bedrooms, the apartment's kitchens and living rooms are furnished with high quality furniture. The living room will include a comfortable three person couch and matching single seat, while the kitchens will have a breakfast table and seating.

In addition to the above, possibly the most intriguing aspect of the apartments is the views provided from the 360 degree circle of the building. These views are in many cases nothing short of breathtaking, and will certainly be a major source of inspiration for the fortunate residents!