Graphic Design Faculty Q&A: Minsun Eo

Minsun Eo focuses on practice that creates integrated design knowledge, system and experience for art, technology, architecture, fashion and educational sector. His New York-based studio explores graphic design methodology through core-contemporary design practice and media-brand identity development, exhibition & environmental design, print and digital. 

We recently asked Minsun to describe his experiences as a faculty member in MICA's Graphic Design Department. You can read his answers below, and check out a gallery of his artwork.

Can you tell us about your experience as at MICA?

“From my five years of integrated teaching experience at MICA plus over fifteen years of professional communication design field practice, I think MICA is not only one of the leading art education institutions but, more importantly, the most diverse and inclusive design community. Moreover, this community is the warmest and most welcoming place for a non-native/immigrant educator like me.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching at MICA?

“Through MICA’s exuberant and inclusive academic atmosphere, I constantly broaden my interests in visual communication design practice as a scholarly exploration. Also, I can be part of fostering an inclusive and decolonized education environment for nurturing creative and responsible thinkers who consider not merely visual styles but cultural contexts and the appropriateness of their design practice. In addition, the MICA community actively explores paradigm shifts in visual communication design and art by embracing cultural diversity, current design practices, new technology, and history in exciting ways.”

How has teaching in the Graphic Design Department impacted you?

“As an educator and professional designer, every moment I work with the next generation of talented designers and enthusiastic artists in the MICA community is not only an exceptional teaching experience but also a meaningful adventure of learning. There exist full of constructive energy, ambitions, and possibilities.”

Looking back on my years of teaching in different circumstances at MICA, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to reflect on what I have done before and what I do now, but most importantly, what I can do in the following years. One of my happiest moments as a teacher is when I meet with my former students to discuss their future growth after they took my courses and their graduation. And most of all, I learn from diverse students’ different approaches and tones of voice. I envision that we keep moving forward together. I hope to continue and share this rewarding experience at the MICA community as a practitioner who considers responsible education and its cultural ramifications.

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Gallery: Minsun Eo