General Fine Arts Faculty Spotlight: Howie Lee Weiss

Howie Lee Weiss oversees the Senior Thesis program for General Fine Arts, Painting, and Drawing at MICA. Additionally, he has taught a range of drawing courses and inventive electives for first through fourth students, including Summer Study Abroad in Italy.

A longtime presence on MICA's campus, Howie has influenced the lives and careers of multitude of students. We recently asked him to desribe this experience.

Tell us what it's like teaching young artists.  What kind of rapport do you form with students in the classroom?

“Students and faculty become one in an artistic dance-like conversation filled with creativity, experimentation, comradery, and respect for each other. Lifetime bonding and friendships are formed.” 

How would you describe MICA?

There's no place quite like it in the world. Magical and rare air always fills the MICA classrooms.” 

You can read Howies full biography here.

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