Graduate Admission Procedures

Graduate Admission Process, Policies, & Timeline

The Office of Graduate Admission helps prospective graduate students navigate the admission and scholarship application process.

Applying to MICA

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MICA's other graduate programs accept applications for MFA and MA study beginning September 1. Candidates can apply for study beginning in the fall (for most MFA and MA programs) or summer (for the Low-Residency MFA in Studio Art). MICA does not accept applications for spring graduate study. 

Candidates may and are encouraged to apply for multiple graduate programs. A separate application is required for each. Please note that it is not possible to enroll in multiple programs. 

No additional materials are required for scholarship application: MICA's application for admission is the application for scholarships. All MICA graduate applicants will be considered for partial, merit-based scholarships. 

After submission, a candidate's application will be reviewed for both admission and scholarship after the next upcoming deadline. 

Deadlines for All MFA & MA Programs

All candidate materials must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admission through SlideRoom by the deadlines below. Supplemental materials, like letters of recommendation, may arrive after the posted deadline. 

Round 1 Deadline: January 19

While all graduate applicants are considered for partial merit scholarships, candidates wishing to apply for any available competitive scholarship should apply by January 19. 

Round 2 Deadline: March 19

Candidates applying by the Round 2 deadline will be reviewed for both admission and partial merit scholarship. 

Rolling Deadlines

Some programs may continue to accept applications after the Round 2 deadline, should space remain available. If you have questions about program availability, please use the webchat feature on this page to connect with a graduate representative. 

Review Process

Graduate admission reviews are conducted after each deadline -- MICA does not review applications on a rolling basis. MICA's Graduate Review Committee is committed to a holistic review that considers all aspects of a candidate's application. 

Admission Interviews

In some cases, candidates will be asked to conduct an interview with graduate faculty or representatives. While many programs conduct admission interviews, an interview is not required for admission. 

International Students: Language Requirements & Reviews

All speakers of English as a second language must provide proof of English proficiency, outlined in additional detail here. If an English-language proficiency test is required, MICA cannot make a final decision on a candidate's application until that score is received. Candidates are encouraged to schedule their tests in the fall or early winter to allow time for the test scores to arrive. 

MICA is not able to offer admission to candidates scoring below the minimum score. Scoring above the minimum score does not guarantee admission. MICA is not able to offer conditional admission.

Decision & Response Timeline

Response Dates

Candidates applying by the Round 1 deadline can expect results from the Graduate Review Committee by April 1 at the latest. 

Candidates applying by the Round 2 deadline can expect results from the Graduate Review Committee by June 1 at the latest. 

The review process varies by program; accordingly, some results may be available earlier than the dates posted above. 

Graduate Merit Scholarship Results

All admitted candidates receive a partial merit-based scholarship. The Graduate Scholarship Committee reviews all application materials from admitted students to offer scholarships as part of the admission review process. Admitted students will be notified of their scholarship when notified of their admission. 

Admission Decisions

Candidates applying for graduate study at MICA will receive one of the following decisions by the response dates posted above: 

Admitted: Candidates receiving an offer of admission will be notified by email. The email will include information about merit scholarship. Admitted students will also receive a deadline to provide their reply to the Office of Graduate Admission. To maintain your seat in the graduate program, admitted candidates must abide by all deadlines assigned by graduate counselors and faculty. 

Alternate for Admission: The Graduate Review Committee selects a small group of alternates for admission for each program; this is better known as the 'waitlist.' MICA's graduate programs have limitations on the number of candidates that can be accepted. Alternates are candidates who submitted strong applications but, due to space limitations, cannot be admitted immediately. While alternates are not guaranteed admission to the program, the Graduate Review Committee does make numerous admission offers to alternate candidates each year. Alternates applying by the Round 1 deadline will be reconsidered for admission in Round 2. 

No Offer: MICA's graduate programs receive many more qualified applications than space in the programs. In many cases, the Graduate Review Committee must decline to make an admission or alternate offer to candidates. 

Enrollment, Registration, and Account Set-up

Admitted candidates who enroll at MICA will receive a student account and email address in mid-summer. Graduate registration begins in July. 

Orientation & Classes

The Office of Graduate Studies will begin communicating with all incoming graduate students in July about the Graduate Orientation Program and the beginning of classes.