Interdisciplinary Sculpture (BFA)

Large and small swirling red and orange lines that are reminiscent of shapes and flora + Enlarge
Sacrificio 2022 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 74 x 62
Learning from the magic tricks that a bird can do with its feathers to attract a mate, Bird Dance uses elements of that seduction to create an entrancing and transformative experience for its viewers. Fan-shaped performance objects were used to make the m + Enlarge
Bird Dance 2 2021 Costume: Acrylic Paint, Cardboard, Craft Paper, Glue, Velcro Duration: 3:23 min
Blue geometrical rabbits in the hiding in the grass + Enlarge
Historical Hop 2020 Paper and Paint installation (each rabbit is 1' x1' x 2')
A painted portrait of the artist's mom, her face washed out and blurry, subtle tones of pinks and blues take up the canvas. + Enlarge
Submerged Portrait of Mom 2021 Acrylic on paper 3"x4"
Interdisciplinary Sculpture (BFA) Students