MICA printmaking offers students a complete studio experiences in the medium's four major disciplines--relief, intaglio, lithography, and screen printing--as they master both traditional and contemporary techniques in the department's exceptional printmaking facilities. Exposure to directions such as book concepts, photo-printmaking, computer-assisted printmaking, collagraph, and monoprinting encourages interdisciplinary combinations of printmaking with other media or installations.

Katie Hale and friends getting ready for MICA Halloween Party

Katie and Friends Headed for MICA's annual Halloween Party.

Printmaking Alumna Featured in CNN Story

A slideshow of art by Amy Evans Streeter '93 was featured on CNN's eatocracy, accompanied by a profile of the artist. Streeter, who is the oral historian for the Southern Foodways Alliance, uses food as the subject of many of her visual narratives.

The news story was written by Kat Kinsman, a 1994 graduate of MICA, who noted that although the two graduated a year apart, they never met.

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Student Profile: Meet Katie Hale

Printmaking Major | Book Arts Concentration | Culture & Politics Minor

Katie's internships at a hand-printed wallpaper company and at an events planning firm will help her after graduation, when she plans to "apply my creative skills in many different fields"-including fine art printmaking and events planning. Her long-term plan is to do graduate work in architecture or urban planning.

I think the strength of the liberal arts program at MICA is that it really builds a foundation for your studio work. You're encouraged to explore your interests through liberal arts classes and build an educated base for conceptual reasoning in your studio art. At a lot of art schools, a student would need a strong personal drive to pursue these academic explorations, but MICA makes finding a passion to influence your visual art easier--because it offers such a wide array of liberal arts classes and faculty.

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