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The Film and Video department is a diverse community of artists exploring various forms of the moving image, such as: 16mm film, installation, documentary, narrative, and experimental genres; all within the dynamic creative environment of one of the nation's top art colleges. The department has been further enhanced through a partnership with Johns Hopkins's Film and Media Studies program. Both programs are now located at the state of the art JHU-MICA Film Centre. Here, courses are led by an award-winning faculty and a full slate of visiting artists help prepare students for success in the field.

A Look at the JHU MICA Film Centre

MICA’s Film and Video undergraduate program is housed in the College’s state-of-the art production facilities at the new Film Centre. With greatly expanded resources and course offerings MICA’s Film and Video department and JHU’s Film and Media Studies program have teamed up to offer students the best in professional production and post- production training, along with academic study, covering film history, criticism and theory. Together these areas of study allow for students to create and respond to the moving image culture that they inhabit. Informed by the tradition of Narrative, Documentary and Experimental Film and Video Art, the department uses various modes of technology to explore the form and craft of image construction and storytelling.

Film and Video Equipment Checkout

JHU-MICA Film Centre Office
10 E North Avenue, 2nd floor
Monday-Friday: 10AM-7PM, and Saturday, 2PM-5PM

About the Film and Video Program

MICA's Film and Video majors flourish by living in a vibrant art-school community where they have the opportunity to explore installation, documentary, narrative, or experimental genres.

Students are required to take Video Art, Documentary, Screenwriting, and Narrative Production. In Video Art students study the history of fine artists working with video. The Documentary course covers the historical evolution of the form while students experiment with different production methods through their projects. The Screenwriting course is offered by the language, literature, and culture department with a focus on short, producible, dramatic screenplays. In the Narrative Production course, several of these screenplays are selected and produced. This course is co-taught by a cinematographer and a writer/director. This sequence of course work provides students with a breadth of experience in the medium. The department's advanced course work explores these areas further.

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Current Students

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Film and Video Alumnus Reflects on MICA, Shooting Oscar-Winning Documentary "Music by Prudence"


Errol also was a cinematographer for the Sundance-award winning documentary American Promise. The film recently won the U. S. Documentary Special Jury award for Achievement in Filmmaking.

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