MFA graphic students at MICA are encouraged to view themselves as cultural producers, "practical visionaries," and "utopian entrepreneurs" who actively initiate projects. Whether the work takes the form of publications, Web sites, products, or exhibitions, students focus on advancing a personal vision and public message.

Graphic Design (MFA)

Jason Gottlieb, Graphic Design (MFA) '13

MICA Designers Win Big in Gates Competition

A team of MICA MFA designers, including Amanda Buck, Nate Gulledge, Sally Maier, and Chen Yu, placed in the Grand Prize top-tier of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Records for Life Competition. The contest challenged the global community to re-design the health record in order to better meet the needs of providers and caregivers, with a focus on immunization information. There were over 300 submissions from 41 countries. The top 40 semifinalists were tested by focus groups for their potential and narrowed to 10. A second GD MFA team, including Alex Jacque, Iris Sprague, Wenjie Lu, and Yushi Lu,  placed in the top forty entries. All entries in the top forty were user-tested by the Gates Foundation.

The project was led by Jennifer Cole Phillips, Director, Graphic Design MFA Program, with guest advisors Islam Elsedoudi, IDEO; Doug Storey and Manish Arora, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; and Lee Davis, MASD.

Visit Impatient Optimists, a Gates Foundation blog, for more details.

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