Transfer Students

Transfer students represent a very important part of the MICA community, bringing a wealth of experience and maturity to the college. They are a special population, bound to our artist community by creative interests and a common philosophy. They come from all over the world, each one adding depth, and different points of view, to our distinguished student body. Some students transfer to the college as freshmen, others as sophomores and juniors. MICA recognizes that transfer students have specific needs and concerns that may be different from a student who has entered directly from high school, and we strive to address those needs.

The MICA Transfer Application Deadline has been extended to July 1, 2017.

To apply and to submit your portfolio, please go to College transcripts and course descriptions should be emailed from your current school to or mailed from your current school to Records Coordinator, MICA Undergraduate Admission, 1300 Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore MD 21217. Financial Aid applications (FAFSA and the MICA Financial Aid Application) will also be accepted until July 1, 2017.

Meet Transfer Student Noah Boyle

“I was enamored with the design program and the unique blend of real-world sensibilities in harmony with an encouragement to experiment.”

Noah Boyle

A self-described graphic designer, curator of accidents, and student of the subconscious, Boyle worked with other MICA students to create an award-winning home energy-saving app for the GOOD Energy Hackathon at MICA.

Learn more about Noah.

Speak to a Transfer Counselor

The transfer process at MICA is a shared effort between you, your current college, and MICA. As you plan your transfer, you may have questions concerning procedures and policies; our Coordinators of Transfer Admission will be available to answer them. They will work with you by offering preliminary counseling by telephone or e-mail. They can also discuss equivalences and financial aid possibilities, and even whether or not our school is the place for you. All of this can be accomplished before you begin the application process. If you would like assistance in planning your transfer, feel free to email your questions to