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Career Counseling Appointments

A career counseling appointment is a great way to start a conversation about what is important to you, identifying your strengths and interests, and exploring your options and strategies. You may not know what your ideal career is, whether or not you want to go to graduate school, or even how to formulate your question, but you can always meet with a career counselor to get answers and learn about the resources available to you.  

Below is a list of the various topics you can discuss with one of our counselors.  To get a head start to your appointment, review the resources provided to you under the appropriate topic.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Career Development

Please call the Career Development at 410-225-2420 or visit the office to schedule an appointment with a counselor.  Our busiest times of the year are during the beginning and end of each semester, at which time expect  a two to three week wait for the next available appointment.

1. Internships

Internships are a great way to get experience, network, and explore your options. We can help you with search strategies, resources, and approaches as well as tailor your materials to specific opportunities.

2. Professional Package Review (Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio)

Need a second opinion? During this session we can review and edit your professional materials including resumes, cover letters, portfolios, websites, demo reels, artist statements, and application essays.

3. Job Search and/or Networking Advice

Know what you want, but not sure how to get there? Work with a counselor to research opportunities, make professional connections, and tailor your materials towards your career goals.

4. Interviewing Strategy & Salary Negotiations

Got an interview? During this appointment, we can discuss etiquette and strategies, practice your delivery, and review appropriate follow up. Learn also how to articulate your needs, navigate multiple offers, research and negotiate appropriate compensation.

5. Career Exploration

Not sure which direction to go? This appointment will help you seek clarity on career direction so you may focus your efforts. We can help you explore your personal values and strengths and how these relate to jobs and internships.

6. Funding & Grants

Do you have an opportunity that you need to fund? Explore different options for financing travel or specific projects. This could include crowdsource funding platforms such as kickstarter and other funding sources.

7. Residencies & Fulbright

How do you sustain your practice? Learn where and how to research residencies and fellowships to suit your career goals. Work one on one with a counselor writing for proposals and applications.

8. Applying to Graduate School

Thinking about graduate school? During this appointment type we will assess goals, learn how to research programs, understand requirements, and develop a timeline. Work one on one with a counselor to review your graduated school application.

9. Exhibiting & Sales

Get your work out there! Learn how to locate galleries and exhibition spaces as well as online markets. Price, promote, and sell your work.

10. Business & Freelance Advice

In this session, bring your questions and explore basics, tools, and resources for freelance and entrepreneurial initiatives.