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Here at MICA we have been privileged with the pleasure of welcoming pets in our working and learning environments with very few restrictions. MICA will continue our culture of allowing pets on campus with a refined policy to better manage our pets and the overall community.

MICA's primary responsibility is to provide students, faculty, staff, and guests with a safe and healthful environment while on campus. Therefore, we have established this policy.

If you have any questions regarding MICA's pet policy, please address them to the Environmental Health and Safety Office. The success of this policy depends on everyone's cooperation. As faculty, staff, and students, we share the responsibility for following and enforcing these rules. Please report any problems to the appropriate department head, faculty member, supervisor, campus safety or student affairs.

We realize that companion animals richly enhance our lives and in order to ensure this tradition carries into the future, we all must address the health and safety needs of our entire community. Thank you in advance for cooperating with this health and safety matter.

MICA Pet Policy

Faculty, staff, and students who wish to bring any pet to campus must complete the registration process and comply with all rules described below. You may not bring your pet to campus until you have completed the registration process and received a MICA pet ID tag. No guests may bring pets or animals on campus.

Pet Registration

All animals on campus must be registered with the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager. The full Campus Pet Policy and Registration, Waiver and Veterinarian Verification Forms can be found at Campus Safety desks, or they are available here:

Before bringing your pet to campus, you must register by presenting the following forms, which will be kept on file. Please bring them in person along with your pet to the EHS office in the Firehouse. A photo will be taken of your pet for MICA records.

  • Veterinarian Verification Form as proof that your pet is up-to-date on all inoculations
  • Current rabies certificate, which must be kept on file and updated as needed
  • Signed pet waiver

Once the registration process is complete, a MICA Pet ID tag will be assigned to your pet and must be displayed on the pet at all times while on campus. No pet will be allowed on campus without an ID tag.

Rules about Pets on Campus

  • Complaints about pet behavior or pets in a "Pet Free" zone should be brought to the attention of Campus Safety (just visit the nearest Campus Safety desk or call x2355) and/or the EHS Manager (x7593) or
  • The City of Baltimore law requires that all dogs be leashed at all times (including when inside buildings), and that owners curb and pick-up after their pets.
  • MICA requires that all pets must be leashed at all times (including when inside at all times).
  • Don't get between the animals if a fight occurs between pets. Call 311 to request a Baltimore City first responder, and then notify Campus Safety immediately.
  • Campus lawns and gardens are an extension of our classrooms and are important relaxation spaces for the campus community. They are not to be used as dog walks or pet waste areas.
  • No exotics, insects, rodents, or reptiles (including snakes, lizards, and ferrets) may be on campus unless pre-approved for a class project by an instructor with prior written approval by EHS.
  • No pets are allowed in campus areas designated as "Pet Free" zones. The only exception to this rule would be for those animals used for service (i.e., seeing-eye dogs). Each semester, Operations will post a sign on the door of each classroom, studio, lab, or shop if that area is to remain pet-free.

Designated Pet-free Zones

The following locations are designated as "pet-free zones":

  • Any room with a "No Pets" sign
  • All food service areas, including Meyerhoff Dining Room, Java Corner, Café Doris, and catered food areas
  • College owned and/or managed housing
  • Computer and print labs and the Art/Tech Center
  • Falvey Hall
  • All galleries
  • Decker Library
  • All studio shops