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Maryland Institute College of Art employs 308 full-time, 24 part-time, and 123 temporary employees. Staff at the level of director and above are listed below—and you can access our Faculty/Staff Directory for a full listing.

Office of the President

  • Samuel Hoi, President
  • Lisa Sheppley, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Lamar Robinson, Administrative Assistant, Office of President

Division of Academic Affairs

  • David Bogen, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
  • Gwynne Keathley, Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Studies
  • David Gracyalny, Vice Provost for Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Cynthia Barth, Dean for Academic Services
  • Karen Carroll, Dean for Center of Art Education
  • Joe Basile, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Liberal Arts (Humanistic Studies & Art History Department)
  • Marcus Civin, Associate Dean, Curriculum and Assessment
  • Peter Dubeau '83, Associate Dean for Continuing Studies
  • Dennis Farber, Associate Dean of Foundation
  • Erin Jakowski, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
  • Christine Peterson, Associate Dean for Enrollment Services & Registrar
  • Alexander Heilner, Associate Dean of Design and Media
  • Michael Weiss, Associate Dean of Fine Arts
  • Mary Allen, Director of International Affairs
  • Heather Bradbury, Director of Master of Professional Studies Programs, School for Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Erika Carruth, Executive Assistant
  • George Ciscle, Curator-in-Residence
  • Kenneth Dippong, Director of Academic Advising
  • Katie Faulstich, Director of Operations, Art EducationHadley Garbart, Director of Student Records & Research
  • Daniel Gutstein, Director of Writing Studio & Learning Resource Center
  • Benjamin Kelley, Director of Fabrication Studios
  • Sarah Maravetz, Director of Data Management & Registration, School for Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Gerald Ross, Director of Exhibitions
  • Crystal Shamblee, Director of Graduate Program, School for Professional and Constinuing Studies
  • Pamela Stefanuca, Director of Instructional Advancement and Technology
  • Gregg Wilhelm, Director of Marketing & Enrollment Services, School for Professional and Continuing Studies

Division of Admission & Financial Aid

  • Theresa Bedoya, Vice President for Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Diane Prengaman, Associate Vice President for Financial Aid
  • Vacant, Associate Dean for Graduate Admission
  • Christine Seese '97, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admission & Coordinator of Transfer Admission
  • Christopher Harring, Director of Graduate Admission
  • Cheryl Issod, Director of Admissions Operations
  • Taryn Wolf, Director of Undergraduate Admission
  • Janine D'Adamo, Associate Director of Graduate Admission
  • George Tyree, Associate Director of Financial Aid

Division of Advancement

  • Rita Walters, Vice President for Advancement
  • Lillian Burke, Associate Vice President for Development
  • Sara Warren, Executive Director of Corporate, Foundation, Government Relations, and Major Gifts
  • Dana Costello, Director of Advancement Services
  • Lindsay Dorrance, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations
  • Denise Seifried, Associate Director of Development Events

Division of Strategic Communications

  • Debra Rubino '92, Vice President for Strategic Communications
  • Justin Codd, Director of Web & Electronic Communications
  • Incumbent, Director of Communications

Division of Operations and Finance

  • Douglas Mann, Vice President for Operations and Finance, and COO
  • Christopher Goss, Associate Vice President of Finance
  • Timothy Millner, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
  • Estevanny Turns, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Vacant, Associate Vice President of Campus Planning and Facilities
  • Christopher Bohaska, Director of Operations Business Services
  • Robinson Hernandez, Director, Student Account Services
  • Marlon Byrd, Director of Campus Safety
  • Rufus Davis, Director of Building Services
  • Stephen Krach '86, Director of Building and Grounds
  • Laura Rossi, Human Resources Director
  • Jessica Rurka, Director of Accounting
  • Jon Lipitz, Director of Events
  • Brigitte Sullivan, Budget Director
  • Jim Zablosky, Associate Budget Director
  • David Zeit, Associate Director of Student Account Services

Division of Strategic Initiatives

  • Michael Molla, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
  • Karen Stults, Director of Community Engagement

Division of Student Affairs

  • Michael Patterson, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. James Davis, Associate Dean for Student Health and Wellness
  • Kelly Hoover, Associate Dean for Student Life and Judicial Affairs
  • Clyde Johnson, Assistant Dean for Diversity & Intercultural Development
  • Patricia Farrell, Licensed Psychotherapist & Director of Counseling Center
  • Karol Martinez Doane, Director of Student Activities
  • Megan Miller, Director of Career Development
  • Scott Stone, Director of Residence Life & Off Campus Housing
  • Vacant, Fitness Center Manager

Division of Technology Systems & Services

  • Tom Hyatt, Vice President for Technology Systems & Services
  • Susan Miltenberger '91, Associate Vice President for Technology Systems & Services
  • David Apaw, Director of Network Services
  • Cathy Burrier, Director of Enterprise Systems
  • John Rhodes '98, Director of Technical Support Services