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Mission & Vision

Fred Lazarus IV

Since 2000, MICA’s Board of Trustees approved a new long range plan which set forth a clear goal: for MICA to become the leading institution for the education of artists in the nation. The Plan for the 21st Century was very aggressive, touching on every area of our program and operations. In 2007, as we celebrated the completion of a $75 million campaign in support of the Plan, it was clear that we had achieved the Plan’s core goals.

That effort supported an unprecedented expansion of MICA’s curriculum, campus, student body, endowment, and national impact. Since 2000, MICA’s student body has grown by 50 percent—to 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students. Our endowment doubled. And the campus grew as well: we added landmark buildings that have raised the bar for good design in Baltimore, enhanced our residential and student life environment, and expanded open and green spaces. MICA is an important destination for cultural programming in our region. We attract the best students and faculty, and have been able to place particular emphasis on expanding diversity on our campus.

MICA has truly been able to claim the national recognition and support we have long deserved. Our mission, sense of community, and commitment to the highest standards for the education of artists has not changed. But there is a difference worth celebrating at MICA today—a difference in scope, ambition, and achievement.

In my 30th year as president of this college, I continue to see my role as essentially entrepreneurial—leading this amazing institution to the next level of achievement.

We’ve been very fortunate to have had the support of visionary donors who have allowed us to capture new opportunities, guided by a solid and comprehensive long-range plan. In the coming year, we are embarking on a new strategic plan which will guide MICA in realizing an even more ambitious vision

Fred Lazarus IV, President