Ceramics is both our most ancient and most cutting-edge technology, rooted in our biology, and making possible the most ambitious human activities-from space travel to advanced medical procedures. The ceramics major at MICA is a highly individualized program of study that develops technical skills within a framework of innovation, interdisciplinary research, and critical inquiry. The department's close-knit community forms a rich intellectual environment in which you'll engage with traditions and contemporary trends in the ceramic medium; build confidence in your ideas, artistic voice and critical skills; and immerse yourself within the landscape of contemporary art and culture.

Curriculum Overview

Ceramics core requirements help build competence, moving from structured learning to increasing levels of independent research and self-direction. The Ceramics department works closely with the sculptural studies and other departments across the institution and encourages its majors to explore their work through a wide variety of media.

Elective choices in sculptural studies, as well as the generous number of open studio electives in the major provide opportunities for interdisciplinary work. Internships are encouraged, and advanced students are encouraged to attend national ceramics conferences such as the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts.

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Students Create Artwork Abroad

At MICA, students have the ability to take part in a wide range of study abroad opportunities. The College has partnerships with more than 30 institutions overseas, as well as many domestic exchange options. From Ireland to India, these experiences not only allow students to see new places, but also to grow personally and professionally.

While studying in Florence, Italy, Alison Young '13 (ceramics) was drawn to Italian maiolica, an ancient style of pottery using functional earthenware as a vehicle to depict narratives. Aiming to translate these historical traditions into her own work, Young created a set of 31 dishes for a six-course Italian dinner.

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