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Emily Zuch '08 Embarks on her Fulbright to Germany

New York-born and based artist Emily Zuch '08 (painting) received a Fulbright Study/Research grant for 2014-2015 to support her travel to Germany, where she will create art based on its "extensive puppetry scene."

Fulbright Recipient Silvia Mata-Marin '15 Joins MA in Social Design

Costa Rica-born Fulbright recipient Silvia Mata-Marin '15 joins the MA in Social Design program " understand how to work along with organizations and groups to address complex social problems and use design as an enabling tool in dealing with these issues."

Fulbright Recipient Sara Al Haddad '16 Joins Rinehart School of Sculpture

Fulbright recipient Sara Al Haddad '16, from the United Arab Emirates, chose Rinehart School of Sculpture because "I was looking for a great sculpture program in a close-knit community, which offers the institutional support and community I need to grow, and that could embrace my fiber background and interest."

Fulbright Fellow Dinah Kubeck '16 Chooses LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting

German- and Sweden-educated artist Dinah Kubeck '16 embarks on her studies in the LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting program, which she selected because of MICA's reputation as a leading art and design school and the structure of the Hoffberger program.

Fulbright Fellow Nada Alaradi '16 Begins Curatorial Practice

While in the MFA in Curatorial Practice program, Bahraini artist Nada Alaradi '16 intends to create well-timed exhibitions that can cause change and impact individuals, and discover alternative approaches to present art.

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