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This week only, choose a theme featuring an image submitted by the MICA family as a tribute to President Lazarus.
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Lazarus Legacy Week: FREDTALKS

Wednesday: FREDTALKS, Falvey Hall, 2-4 p.m. Fred and Jonna Lazarus will reflect on their time at MICA and take questions during a live-streamed event. Find more details here.


Baltimore Burlesque as Art Form in "Workin’ The Tease," April 22–May 7

MICA's Exhibition Development Seminar presents an exhibition and live performance at the Modell Lyric, looking at burlesque's rich history in Baltimore.


Lazarus Legacy
  • Wednesday: FREDTALKS
  • Thursday: "Tiny Tributes" Opening
  • Friday: We ♥ Fred
still from MICA Moments video "Then And Now"

MICA has created a series of videos exploring exciting times at MICA during the Fred Lazarus IV years. Watch...

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