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Professional Graduate Programs

Be a part of the entrepreneurial ethos at MICA that is redefining design education for the 21st century. As a premiere college of art and design, MICA's reputation provides access to industry partners within the creative and technology sectors. Enrollment includes all the benefits of MICA's resources including career development services. Students join a larger academic and creative community that encourages cross-disciplinary engagement, whether the bulk of their education is taken online or on campus.

Business of Art & Design (MPS)

Business of Art&  Design (MPS)

Students gain the business skills necessary to start and grow a business or be a dynamic manager or creative director. They combine creative talents with the business education needed to manage projects, finances, marketing, and resources. With a complete business plan in hand, graduates launch their own enterprises based on their creative products or services, or advance careers within their fields.

Design Leadership (MBA/MA)

Design Leadership(MBA/MA)

Students combine principles of business administration with creative processes used by the world’s top designers to solve complex problems. They learn how to make innovation their standard mode of operation by applying design thinking concepts to real-world business challenges. This unique dual degree in partnership with Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School is the only program in the country where students earn graduate degrees from both a premiere college of art and design and a business school at a major research university.

Information Visualization (MPS)

InformationVisualization (MPS)

Students learn how to translate data and information into graphics, images, and interactive designs that communicate more effectively to more people. They develop design expertise and analytical abilities for a combination of skills in increasing demand. These visual storytellers find work in fields as diverse as government, healthcare, education, engineering, commerce, and the sciences.



Within the Master of Professional Studies programs, the curriculum is focused on an applied field of study. Courses are taught by professionals, which builds students’ networks. Delivered almost exclusively online (with three brief residencies on MICA’s campus in Baltimore), these programs are completed in just 15 months and are designed for professionals to maintain a work-life balance.

UX Design (MPS)

UX Design (MPS)

Students explore both the design and computer science sides of the user-experience equation. They master analytical problem solving and design thinking of UX principles that figure significantly in today’s tech-focused marketplace. The demand for UX designers ranges from gaming and entertainment to healthcare and education.



The MBA/MA dual degree in partnership with JHU’s Carey Business School is a two-year residential program in Baltimore. (MBA curriculum may be taken at Hopkins’s Baltimore or Washington, D.C., campus.) Design Leadership applies concepts of excellent design to contemporary challenges in the business world. Graduates are equipped to fuse design principles with business fundamentals to create innovative solutions.